About me




Thank you for checking out my website.

I always try and think out of the box to create the most beautiful and personal florals for all my weddings, always making sure that I capture the true vision that both the bride and groom have dreamed for their wedding day.

I was introduced to the floral business when I was seventeen years old when a local flower shop in Huntington, New York asked me to deliver a floral arrangement—This was the beginning of my thirty five year  journey in the floral business!

A year after being introduced to the floral industry, I purchased my first floral shop in Huntington, New York — New York Avenue Florist.  Six years later I sold my shop in New York and relocated to Jensen Beach, Florida to be closer to my family and went on to open two new businesses, All in Bloom Florist  and Island Bloom Floral Productions.  After selling both of my shops in Florida, I became the manager of the Floral Studio at the Ritz Carlton in Palm Beach, Florida, where I worked for three years.  I also worked as the floral designer at Mar-a-Lago in Palm Beach, where I created the florals throughout the property for several major signature events.  

Other highlights in my career have been creating florals for prominent celebraties, including Elton John, Celine Dion, Tony Bennett and Madonna.

I've had the pleasure for the past eight years as a freelance floral designer to  create memorable weddings and major events throughout the Napa Valley wine country.  Most recently I have decided to work closer to home and have created my own home floral studio -- Gary Aliperti Florals.